World Class Treatment

World Class Treatment

Perth Clinic strives to provide its patients with the treatments that are optimal for addressing the issues they face.

It achieves this by first ensuring that it offers evidence-based treatments consistent with international best practice.

Second, it has an ongoing process of clinical evaluation to check that Perth Clinic’s outcomes compare well with benchmarks.

Third, Perth Clinic has developed a bespoke world-leading monitoring program using the iPads in each patient’s room. This system of progress monitoring allows personalised feedback to adapt and tailor treatments to each patient.

It uses sophisticated information technology solutions to identify risks and then to facilitate conversations between staff and patients to ensure that progress can get back on track. Together, this three-pronged strategy of the best evidence-based treatments, being evaluated and adapted ensures that you can receive world-class treatment tailored to your needs.

This is an example of giving feedback on your progress, and tracking how you are going compared to established norms.

Perth Clinic Patients Get Better. Faster.

Perth Clinic is the leading provider of acute mental health care in Western Australia.

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