Friends and Family

Friends and Family

Finding the right services to meet the mental health needs of your friend or family member can be challenging and confusing. Perth Clinic provides a range of programs and services to ensure that our patients receive a detailed assessment and individualised care plan to meet their specific needs. Family members and supporters are encouraged, with the permission of the patient, to be involved in the treatment and recovery process.

How To Get Help

In order to access Perth Clinic services a referral from your general practitioner is required.

General Practitioners can make referrals for inpatient admission, day patient services and outpatient services via our Admissions Coordinator.

1. Making a referral to see a Consultant Psychiatrist for psychiatric assessment in an outpatient clinic
If a psychiatric assessment is required, a referral is made to one of our Accredited Psychiatrists. If the referral is accepted you will be contacted to arrange an appointment with an Accredited Consultant Psychiatrist who will conduct a psychiatric assessment. These appointments are in our medical suites which are located in close proximity to our hospital. Appointments are scheduled as soon as possible.

2. Making a referral to the Admission Coordinator at Perth Clinic to request an urgent admission.
If an urgent assessment or admission is required your General Practitioner will contact Perth Clinic and discuss your referral with the Admission Coordinator who will take details and speak to the Consultant Psychiatrist on duty. If the Consultant Psychiatrist accepts the referral you will be contacted by the Admission Coordinator to arrange your admission.

3. Making a referral to day therapy
Referrals to day therapy are made by Perth Clinic accredited psychiatrists. Referrals can be made from the medical suites or during an inpatient admission.

It is important that you check with your private health insurance prior to being admitted, to confirm that you are covered for treatment. Most patients are covered as long as no exclusions on psychiatry or basic hospital cover apply in your policy. (Please note, “basic cover” excludes psychiatry). Should you need to add these to your current policy, please be aware of the potential qualifying periods that apply and the once only opportunity to upgrade your cover. For more information click here

Please remember that Perth Clinic does not have an emergency department.

Any person experiencing a crisis situation should contact their General Practitioner and/or treating Psychiatrist. If they are not available contact or present to your local emergency department.

Health Funds And Payment

Simplified health insurance policies
In April 2019 private health insurers moved to a more simple and standard way of categorising their policies.

All health fund policies are now classified into one of four categories – Gold, Silver, Bronze or Basic. This enables policy holders to more easily compare policies between funds and to understand what is covered by your policy.

Costs For Admission
Costs for admission and day patient care vary according to the type of policy and excess chosen.

Prior to admission our staff will confirm the patient’s cover with the health fund and provide a summary of the estimated out of pocket costs associated with the admission. These charges are payable on discharge.

Upgrading the level of private health insurance cover
If the patient requires admission for mental health services and this is not covered by their current health insurance policy, they may have the option to upgrade their level of cover. In accordance with Government legislation there is a once only opportunity to upgrade the health insurance policy and apply for the “mental health wait waiver”. This allows the health cover to be upgraded without serving the two month waiting period usually required for psychiatric cover to apply.

For further information on health insurance cover can be obtained from the health fund provider or our helpful administration staff. Information on the wait waiver is also available on The Department of Health website.

What Treatment Is Available

Inpatient programs

Therapy is an important component of recovery.

Many aspects of therapy involve learning skills to improve how we manage our own mental health to progress in our recovery. As an inpatient, starting to understand our own experience can be quite difficult.

Reconnecting with social interactions and building relationships often takes place in group therapy, opening a space to share stories. We often learn from others and sharing experiences can be quite validating.

In some instances however, sharing stories is less appropriate and not always helpful. Establishing boundaries can also be a recovery goal. Deciding which groups to attend is a decision you can make in conversation with your treating psychiatrist.

Inpatient Group Options Include:

  • DBT Primer (1 week intensive)
  • Purple (general mental health and mood management recovery skills)
  • Green (interpersonal focus)
  • Turquoise (addictions)
  • Gold (adolescent focus)
  • Red (creative engagement)
  • Stress management
  • Art therapy

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Day Patient Programs

Perth Clinic offers a wide range of day patient program options. These include:

A specific referral is required for each discreet service. Some services are not accessible all on the same day. For example, it is not possible to attend group and individual appointments on the same day.

Outreach Program

Perth Clinic’s Outreach Program is a community based mental health nursing service that provides short term recovery oriented support and treatment typically following the patients’ discharge from hospital. It can also be used as an alternative to hospital admission or to reduce length and frequency of admissions. This community based service enables our trained mental health nurses to visit patients in the community, providing targeted assessment and treatment services.

Patients must be under the care of a Perth Clinic accredited practitioner to access any of our treatment services.

Community Support Agencies

There are many community based services that can provide assistance and support to people experiencing mental health difficulties. Any services relevant to your situation will be discussed with you as part of your treatment and discharge plan. Click here to view our brochure on available community services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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