Health Funds and Payment

Health funds and payment

Simplified health insurance policies

In April 2019 private health insurers moved to a more simple and standard way of categorising their policies.

All health fund policies are now classified into one of four categories – Gold, Silver, Bronze or Basic. This enables you to more easily compare policies between funds and to understand what is covered by your policy.

Costs For Admission

Costs for admission and day patient care vary according to the type of policy and excess that you have chosen.

Prior to admission our staff will confirm your cover with your health fund and provide you with a summary of the estimated out of pocket costs associated with your admission that are payable on discharge.

Upgrading your level of private health insurance cover

If you require admission for mental health services and this is not covered as part of your current health insurance policy, you may have the option to upgrade your level of cover. In accordance with Government legislation you have a once only opportunity to upgrade your policy and apply for the “mental health wait waiver”. This allows you to upgrade without serving the two month waiting period usually required for psychiatric cover to apply.

For further information on your health insurance cover contact your health fund provider or our helpful administration staff. Information the wait waiver is also available on The Department of Health website.

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