Frequently Asked Questions


Can I come into Perth Clinic with my referral?

All referrals should be forwarded to the Admissions Coordinator by fax or email. The Admissions Coordinator will contact you regarding the process of managing your referral.

What hours can Perth Clinic be contacted?

The Admissions Coordinator can be contacted between 8.00am and 5.00pm. Outside of these hours the Hospital Coordinator can be contacted.

Who can refer to Perth Clinic?

Referrals to Perth Clinic can be made by General Practitioners, specialist doctors and psychiatric liaison teams.

What do I need to do to prepare for an admission?

Prior to your admission, our staff will contact you to provide information on the admission process and confirm your personal details. For further information check our website information on Preparing for Admission.

Can a psychologist refer directly to outpatient groups?

All referrals to groups are made by a Perth Clinic Accredited Doctor. Referrals to an accredited practitioner can be made by your General Practitioner.

Is there anything I shouldn’t bring?

Patients are asked not to bring valuables, electrical appliances, any item that may pose a safety risk.

What can I expect on admission?

On arrival please present to reception where our administration staff will confirm your details and finalise your admission paperwork. You will then be taken to your room and a nursing staff member will complete your admission and provide information on what you can expect from your stay. You will also be assessed by your psychiatrist or their registrar within 12 hours of your arrival.

How long can I expect to be an inpatient?

The length of admission varies depending on the needs of the person. Your doctor will discuss that anticipated length of your admission with you and this will be reflected in the treatment plan that our staff will develop with you.

How do I get a referral to see a psychiatrist?

You should discuss your mental health needs with your general practitioner who can provide a referral to one of our accredited doctors.

Which psychiatrists are accredited/affiliated with Perth Clinic?

Please see the list of accredited practitioners on our website

How much will it cost to see the psychiatrist?

Psychiatrist consulting fees should be discussed directly with your doctor or with our friendly administration staff.

What programs are available at Perth Clinic?

Perth Clinic offers are range of programs. For details click here.

How will I know which program is best for me?

Your treating doctor will discuss your individual needs and recommend a treatment program to meet those need.

Who can refer to the group programs?

All referrals to group therapy programs are made by Perth Clinic accredited doctors.

Is there a manual or file for me to write in?

Group therapy patients are provided with a therapy file for their reference during the course.

What if I miss a session? Will I be asked to leave the program?

To get the most out of therapy it is important to attend all scheduled sessions. If you miss a session the group leader and your treating doctor will discuss this with you and determine the appropriateness of continuing.


How much will it cost?

The cost of admission and day patient therapy will be influenced by the type of health fund policy that you hold. For further information please contact our administration staff or your health fund.


What are the hospital visiting hours?

Hospital visiting hours are: Monday to Friday, 3.00-8.00pm and weekends/public holidays 1.00-8.00pm.

Am I allowed to smoke at Perth Clinic?

Perth Clinic is committed to a smoke free environment. Visitors and day patients are not permitted to smoke on the premises of Perth Clinic. There is a small allocated smoking area that may be used by inpatients.

Is there parking available onsite?

No. There is no parking for visitors or patients. There is ticket parking in the surrounding area. The clinic is accessible by public transport and is located on the Red CAT bus circuit.

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