Research and Clinical Improvement

Research and Clinical Improvement

Since its inception Perth Clinic has valued the importance of Research, making sure the patients’ treatments and outcomes are always improving.

Assisting this process, Perth Clinic has had a strong partnership with the University of WA.

The Perth Clinic, Clinical Improvement Team is the driving force behind the research program. Together with the UWA team and the involvement of their Ph.D. students has been a collaboration for over 20 years. This has seen many projects to fruition in the hospital, almost 50 published papers in peer reviewed journals, as well as the graduation of 12 Ph.D. students, through co-supervision at Perth Clinic.

The areas of research extend from inpatient care to all areas of therapy, as well as Electroconvulsive Therapy and transcranial Magnetic Stimulation.

Perth Clinic’s work in the area of Patient Progress Monitoring is one of the world leaders in the field.

Each year a collaboration between Perth Clinic and UWA travel internationally to present with international colleagues at the Society for Psychotherapy Conference.

Current Projects:

Published Papers in Peer Reviewed Journals

Perth Clinic has contributed significantly to international research in the area of mental health. Major projects have been undertaken in the areas of patient progress monitoring and prediction of self harm and suicidal behaviour, making Perth Clinic an international leader in these areas. Significant research has also been done in relation to Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy. See our full list of our published peer review articles.

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