Perth Clinic continues to accept referrals and provide the full range of mental health services during the COVID-19 pandemic. Inpatient services, therapy services and our acute on call referral program are operating as usual. Patients, visitors and staff are asked to respect the recommended guidelines regarding physical distancing and health screening. For further information please contact our Admissions Coordinator on 9481 4888.

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A part of our constant clinical improvement we regularly seek feedback from our past patients about their experiences of their mental health and how treatment by perth clinic has benefitted their health

Research shows that

Perth Clinic patients get better faster.

Who Are We

  • Why Perth Clinic

    Research shows that Perth Clinic patients get better faster. In accordance with our mission statement

  • Accredited Practitioners

    Perth Clinic Accredited Practitioners provide a wide range of specialised mental health services

  • Our Performance

    Perth Clinic is committed to ensuring high quality services and achieving the best possible outcomes for our patients.

  • Research & Clinical Improvement

    Since its inception Perth Clinic has valued the importance of Research, making sure

  • Student Placements

    Perth Clinic has a strong commitment to teaching and maintains ongoing relationships

  • Treatment Programs

    Perth Clinic offers an extensive array of treatment options which can be accessed as an inpatient or day patient to the hospital

Your Mental Health

Perth Clinic offers a range of services for people experiencing mental health problems

Our Admission Process

If you are experiencing mental health issues that may require treatment you should make an appointment to see your

Treatment Programs

Perth Clinic offers a range of services for people experiencing mental health problems. In times of crisis, acute inpatient

Day Patient Attendance

All patients attending day patient services must be under the care of a Perth Clinic accredited doctor.

Success Stories

Health Funds & Payment

In April 2019 private health insurers moved to a more simple and standard way of categorising their policies

Hospital Admission (Inpatient)

Prior to your admission, our staff will contact you to provide information on the admission process and confirm

Our Commitment To You

Perth Clinic is committed to providing each person with the best possible treatment and maximising treatment outcomes

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  • From 12.01am Friday 4th November 2022 all mandatory COVID restrictions will be lifted, however individual businesses may continue with some restrictions......

  • Michael J. Kyron, Geoff R. Hooke, Andrew C. Page: Assessing Interpersonal and Mood Factors to Predict Trajectories of Suicidal Ideation within......

  • Perth Clinic commenced celebrations for mental health week with the opening of an art exhibition by Anita from Dignity and Mental......

Welcome To Perth Clinic, a private mental health located in West Perth, Western Australia. Our hospital provides a broad range of inpatient and day patient services for people experiencing mental health concerns.

Perth Clinic Patients Get Better. Faster.

Perth Clinic is the leading provider of acute mental health care in Western Australia.

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