Thriving on Chaos

Thriving on Chaos

thriving on chaos

“a revolution in management theory and practice”
tom peters.

In the modern business world chaos is now the norm. Everywhere and every day managers confront shattering and accelerating change: change paced by constant innovations in computer and telecommunications technologies.

To survive and become superlative in today’s economic environment there is an urgent imperative beyond excellence: the flexibility that can – and must – use chaos as the source of market advantage.

With both In Search of Excellence and A Passion for Excellence, Tom Peters defined the parameters of corporate success in books that have sold nearly four million copies around the world.

This is his manifesto for tomorrow’s winners. Thriving on Chaos offers forty-five bold prescriptions for change, targeting the five key areas of management – Responsiveness, Innovation, People Power, Leadership and Systems for a World Turned Upside Down – along with hard facts, case histories (of disaster and success) and inspiring examples.

Challenging over one hundred years of tradition, Thriving on Chaos begins a revolution in management theory and practice.

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