National Mental Health Commission Launches Report Card

National Mental Health Commission Launches Report Card

The Chair and Commissioners launched the Report Card in Sydney at an event hosted by well known journalist, Jessica Rowe. The event included an open Q&A forum with the Commission to discuss the annual Report Card and the broader work of the Commission.

The report card has been produced in response to community feedback about the need for a new approach to information and reporting in mental health by people with lived experience of mental health issues, their families and other support people, along with the broader community.

According to the Commission’s publicity material, this first report card will rely heavily on existing data and information. It will set the scene and provide a framework for future reports.

Further, the Commission has reported that what separates the report card from other reporting by the Commission is that there will be a whole-of-life approach, spanning housing and homelessness, physical health, employment, education, relationships, family and child support, community participation and justice.

To view the Report Card and find further information on the Commission’s work refer to the National Mental Health Commission website.

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