What Treatment Is Available

What Treatment Is Available

Inpatient programs

Therapy is an important component of recovery.

Many aspects of therapy involve learning skills to improve how we manage our own mental health to progress in our recovery. As an inpatient, starting to understand our own experience can be quite difficult.

Reconnecting with social interactions and building relationships often takes place in group therapy, opening a space to share stories. We often learn from others and sharing experiences can be quite validating.

In some instances however, sharing stories is less appropriate and not always helpful. Establishing boundaries can also be a recovery goal. Deciding which groups to attend is a decision you can make in conversation with your treating psychiatrist.

Inpatient Group Options Include:

  • DBT Primer (1 week intensive)
  • Purple (general mental health and mood management recovery skills)
  • Green (interpersonal focus)
  • Turquoise (addictions)
  • Gold (adolescent focus)
  • Red (creative engagement)
  • Stress management
  • Art therapy

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Day Patient Programs

Perth Clinic offers a wide range of day patient program options. These include:

  • CBT Intensive (2 week program)
  • 10 week CBT (once per week)
  • 12 week DBT (once per week for groups, plus individual coaching sessions on an alternative day)
  • Mindfulness
  • Jasper (adolescent relapse prevention support)
  • Remap (drug and alcohol recovery)
  • DBT Primer
  • Art therapy
  • Individual and couples therapy is also available

For each day patient group title add a link to the relevant information sheet.

Outreach Program

Perth Clinic’s Outreach Program is a community based mental health nursing service that provides short term recovery oriented support and treatment typically following the patients’ discharge from hospital. It can also be used as an alternative to hospital admission or to reduce length and frequency of admissions. This community based service enables our trained mental health nurses to visit patients in the community, providing targeted assessment and treatment services.

Patients must be under the care of a Perth Clinic accredited practitioner to access any of our treatment services.

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